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"Hello And Welcome To My Place"

First let me introduce myself, my Name is Patrice.
I am married to a Wonderful guy named John..
We know each other for 10 years
We got married on Valentine's Day, 4 years ago.
Thought he'd never ask..Tee Hee!! J/K Love You Honey!!!
We both have 3 Children, 3 boys and 3 girls.
Hey Baby there playing our song.
And I mustn't forget our 3 grands 2 boys and a girl..Wooo Wee!!!
So I would call us more than the Brady Bunch when we all get together.
Kids are the Best

Well enough of that mushy stuff.. So here I am making a Webpage.
What a challenge.. I have decided to move all my Webpages to Tripod.
So that means learning HTML...Yikes!!!
But so far so has been alot of fun
Besides making Webpages, I love making Web Graphics
I belong to some really nice Graphic Groups on the Web
This is where I learn how to make some really neat things
Using "Paint Shop Pro"
On the following pages you will see most of my work
Make sure to stop by and check out "Majestic Designs"
My good friend Adele and I got together a while back and decided
To make some really neat Web if you ever decide
To get started making a Webpage go check out our Web Sets
All our Web Sets are free for you to use for your
Personal Webpages..We have all different catagories
Well I think I have talked enough.. glad you stopped by
Click on my Enter button to go check out loads of Great Stuff..
Until next time "Have a Great Day"
Angel Hugs, Patrice